Friday, October 5, 2012

A Challenge: Walking Advertisement

We've all seen them. We might even be them. Folks who wear logos.

Whether for a music group, video game, or even a political ideology, clothing graphics are everywhere.  It seems that in this day and age individuals tend to use their clothing not to give a good impression like in ages past but rather to show everyone else who they like or what they support.  Clothing, unfortunately, has become a tool with which to shove a statement into people's faces.

So here's a challenge: for a month, or at least a week, stop being a walking advertisement.  Put away your graphic Ts and hoodies, leave them in the closet.  Instead, dress to impress; not just those around you but impress yourself.  Rather than getting a statement or shock value across to people create something that is pleasant and pleasing to the eye.

Create a piece of wearable art without going all post-modern.  It's really an enjoyable experience and broadens style horizons.


WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

Well said, Mr. Houndstooth! T-shirts and hoodies with something lame on the front have been done to death already (since the 70s). Time as a society to get our act back together and start dressing like we mean business (in the broadest sense of the term).

Best Regards,

Ulrich von B.

Your various engagement and wedding photos have been fun to see. I wish I'd looked as sharp on my own wedding day.

spadesslick9 said...

I undertook this challenge about halfway through Grade 12 and from that point on I never looked back. I now deliberately avoid any form of visible logo on anything I buy, even going so far as to replace the buttons engraved with the company's name. Dressing to impress only myself is definitely the right path for me, and without doing that I doubt very much that I would have become the man I am today.

It was actually partly your blog that inspired me about two years ago to go through this change. I thank you from the bottom of my heart each time I don my hunter green double-breasted linen suit.

Will said...

I'm glad to see others have given up the consumerist lifestyle of being a walking billboard. And dressing oneself to impress is definitely invigorating and a freeing experience.

Thanks for the kind wedding comments, there will be one more post with pics from it.


UKUKU said...

This post is spot on: By eschewing logos and dressing well, you draw focus to yourself, your face, and what you have to say.


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