Sunday, August 28, 2011

WIW: The '70s Weren't All Bad

After a couple weeks of unbearable heat, we've had several weeks of beautiful weather. A little drizzly today but very nice.

Today I broke out the early 1960s/late 1970s linen jacket I've had for a short time. I widened the button stance to improve the proportions and help it fit me better and the sleeves probably needed to be lengthened but it's not a big deal.

The 1970s are seared into our minds for being an awful era for style. Parts of it, however, were not so bad as this classically styled jacket can attest to. Not a lick of polyester is present in the 100% linen material.

The trousers are early 1950s gabardine Hollywood-waist trousers. They go very well with with the linen jacket.

Usually for a summer look I'll wear a blue jacket with cream trousers; today I switched the traditional color scheme, putting cream on top of the blue and creating a striking appearance.

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