Thursday, February 24, 2011

Whatever Happened to Style?
That's the million dollar question. It's hard to find nowadays, real style. It's not something you can buy from Target, Tiffany's or Chrysler. It's something we learn or are born with.

In the olden days folks dressed up. To go to the movie theater, to the grocery store, downtown, on a trip. To go for a walk on a cool Spring evening. Just to dress up, to look nice, to be stylish. Or as stylish as one could be.
Whether their best was rags or bespoke, people wore their best.

Looking good makes us feel good. Watch how a Marine struts in his Dress Blues or how a man carries himself when wearing a well-fitting classic dinner jacket: confidence, pride, enjoyment.

It's the same with glamour. Too few women today are glamorous, but maybe that's the point.

It wouldn't be stylish or glamorous if everyone did it or was that way.

I think Chrysler did it right with that commercial, at least until the end when they equated style and glamour with their lifeless monotone plastic cars. Aesthetic simplicity does not equal style nor glamour though at times they do go hand in hand.

I enjoy cruising in my car with the windows down and wish more folks would go for a drive just for the sake of going for a drive. But that would make the roads more congested and I do enjoy an open road...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What to do, Where to go...

I recently obtained 3 yards by 60 inches of the vintage material shown below. It's in excellent condition with one tiny hole and no staining or fading. It has an attractive salmon double windowpane pattern on top of a steel blue background along with a woven rectangle pattern.

Now the question is what to do with it? Three yards is enough material to make a sport coat or trousers but not both.

If I go the sport coat route I would love to get a 4x2 double breasted jacket with patch pockets including dual breast pockets. It's a sport coat, anyways, might as well go a little unusual.

If I go the trouser route I'd get them high-waisted and pleated with a healthy cuff.

It's beautiful material and I'm sure anything made from it would no doubt look great if made well. But that's the big question here: where should I go to not only get such an item made, but made well at a price I can afford.

The search begins...


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