Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Enter the Man Room

Cassie and I bought a house back in June.

Since it's fairly large, I've been 'allowed' a room to myself by the spousal unit.  I've finished this man room and post photos of it here for your enjoyment.  There's not a lot of vintage in it but it still fits in the topic of this website.

There is a mix of original, reproduction, and a tiny number of airsoft items but the large majority of what is shown is original. Some of the pics aren't great, the lighting wasn't the best and shooting items behind glass is tough. 


click images to enlarge

View upon entry.

Not 100% historically accurate but provides a good idea of how a GI would have been outfitted in Normandy in July, 1944. The helmet is postwar I stripped and repainted and the bandoleer is postwar.  His pants and shirt are repros that were used in the filming of "Saving Private Ryan".

Top is a 'last ditch' Japanese bayonet, middle is a '43 dated German bayonet, and the bottom is a battle damaged WW1 German sawback bayonet that is unit marked. 

The Great White Fleet.

The 'coffee table'.

My great-grandfather's WW1 helmet.

An original USAAF photo. Here's the story on this photo: the front bomber was hit by flak and the mortally wounded bombardier prematurely released his bombs.


U.S. Marine, circa 1945.

Three official USAAF photos from a set of five: P-38 making low passes. All marked "not for publication" on the back. 

Signed by the bombardier and navigator of the 'Enola Gay' as well as a WW2 war correspondent.

The helmet cover is a reproduction that was used in the filming of "Saving Private Ryan". 

Hope you enjoyed the quick look at my mini-museum.  If you have any questions or comments about it, please leave them in the comment section of this post.



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