Wednesday, July 30, 2008

WIW and B-17 ride

What I wore Sunday, nothing too special but still rather nice:

And on to the main event.
July 18th and 19th we saw this little guy buzzing around the neighborhood. It was over at the Ames airport for several days, giving rides and tours. Needless to say, my sister Jess and I were very excited to see it and wanted desperately to ride on it.

We got our chance on July 20th.

Click on photos to enlarge.

This World War Two B-17 bomber is named "Sentimental Journey" and is the property of the Commemorative Air Force, formerly known as the Confederate Air Force. The CAF is a non-profit organization that restores and flies vintage military aircraft around the country.
How about some more pictures?

Why, who are these two lucky people who got a 20 minute ride? Though, it cost $425 per person, but well worth it.
Jess at the navigator's position in the nose.

Getting buckled in.

We got to sit in the nose for takeoff!

.50 goodness.

From the left waist gunner postion.

That's us flying over.
Also, here's a video of takeoff from the bombardier's position in the nose. It was loud and bumpy!
If you ever get a chance to ride in a B-17 or any vintage aircraft for that matter, do not hesitate. They are great fun and the memories will last a lifetime.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


A taste of what is to come in my next post.

I've been pretty busy lately, but this next one is coming. And it'll be a doozy.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

What I Wore and New Hats

*1930s Knox Milan
*1970s DB blazer
*Modern Clairborne trousers
*Allen Edmond shoes
*Target tie

And now the hats.

I got these hats over the past two days up in northeastern Iowa. Each hat cost me $20 or less.First is this Knox Milan. A little rough with some creases but I date it from the late-1920s through the 1930s. Still, in good shape for how old it is.

It's had quite a journey, coming from California and ending up in Iowa.

Next, this fashionable Resistol "Flatop" from the mid-1950s. I was recently looking through a 1956 Esquire and saw that the "Flatop" was a new style that year. Bow in back, kitten finish. Very soft.

Last but not least is this 1940s-era off-white wool fedora with a thin ribbon. I won't wear it but I bought it because they are hard to find.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


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