Friday, November 30, 2007

30,000 hats

Wouldn't we all like a collection like that?

Here's a neat story and video about going hat shopping. Like the reporter, I could spend all day in there.


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Coats for Sporting

The sportcoat: dynamic, versatile, classic.

Yet the sportcoat is usually done very poorly: the badly fitting blue blazer paired with khakis and casual shoes makes for an easy-to-wear outfit as well as one that is hard on the eyes. How can a sportcoat be done stylishly?
It's actually quite easy and takes just as much time to put together as the badly done run of the mill blue blazer.
Take these two jackets, for example.

This is a modern Ralph Lauren tweed sportcoat with a belted back and some nice patch pockets.

Check out the back of this beauty.

Very 1930s in style. Ralph Lauren usually has very good vintage-style clothing since he is inspired by vintage clothing. That being said, definitely be on the lookout for his items.

Here's a 1970s wool sportcoat. Note the wide lapels with some nice belly to them as well as the nicely pinched waist. No pinning to get the waist to look like that. It is double vented, which I'm not a fan of but I don't mind too much. It also has some nice roping going on with the shoulders.

"1970s" you ask? Yes, the early 1970s had some very nice vintage inspired clothing, as the above jacket can attest to. The mid-1970s harkened in the attrocities we so commonly see hanging ownerless in thrift stores.

These two jackets are examples of what sportcoats should be: exotic combinations of tweed, belted backs, nipped waists, patch pockets and wide peaked lapels.

Yes, even a run of the mill single breasted blue blazer can be spiffed up beyond the dull. The accessories are what can bring that lifeless blazer to life.

Try some new textures and colors. Mix patterns and shades. Be bold.

Hmm, blasphemous? Perhaps, since Mr. Grant had more elegance in his pinky finger than I do in my whole person.


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