Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WIW: A Casual Tuesday

Yesterday was gorgeous. The temperature neared 70 degrees though it was a bit windy. But I'm not complaining.

It was also a day off from work for me so I made the best of it. I pieced together the below kit for bumming around town.

click images to enlarge

The pieces I chose are iconic.
~Early 1950s Bailey of Hollywood fedora
~1950s rayon Ricky jacket
~Modern Aris Allen wide-legged trousers
~Modern Stacy Adams 'Kingsman' spectators
~Modern faux suede casual shirt

Note that only two pieces used are actually vintage while all the rest are modern. That just goes to show that a man with limited financial resources can still piece together a good vintage-esque kit with very little actual vintage.

Vintage is getting more expensive and harder to find. The resourceful vintage man merely needs to remember that many modern pieces can fill a hole in his collection and, when worn right, can look just as good as the real deal.


eliz_sherry said...

Just discovered this wonderful blog. Am 64, former museum exhibit preparator, descendent of wool weavers, friend of a few former shop-keepers and dapper dressers longing for style. Your comments and photos are gold. Have you ever written about "tweederoy"?

Rey said...

How do you like the rise on these trousers? Are they decently high waisted? I have found some modern wide legged trousers, but they end up having a really low rise, seems like you can't get both together. The Dance Store seems to be out of my waist size anyway on these, of course, and don't seem to be getting any more in.

Will said...

Thanks, folks.

These trousers are very high waisted. The rise is well over 12". If you're ever able to get them in your size I think you'll be very happy with them.


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