Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Photo Shoots, Part 3

This next installment is from roughly a month ago but medium to lighter-weight suits are shown.

Again, the photos are by Cassie the professional photographer.

First, my early 1950s plaid double breasted suit. From the Bold Look era, is has big everything: shoulders, lapels, etc. A good suit to wear downtown.

click images to enlarge

And lastly is my 1941-dated 3-piece. This suit would probably fall into the "drape" category of suit. The hat is a 1940s Royal De Luxe Stetson.

Excellent proportions.

The shoes are the Stacy Adams "Kingsman".

We'll hopefully have some more of these posts in the future.


Unknown said...

I always wanted to see the "bold look" on an actual person. Thanks, Will, keep posting pictures.

hmk said...

-sigh-... men knew how to dress back then. love the look!

LuckyCat said...

Nice shots, they really show the style of the period. Well done :)

Emily and Jonathan said...

And classic spectator/corespondent shoes to finish the outfit! Fantastic!!


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