Thursday, September 24, 2009

Color Inspiration

Fall is the best season for color inspiration. Nearly every color of the rainbow can be found in combination during the Autumn season. Use these colors to create your own unique look.

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Harmonize your look with the environment around you. Warm colors are king: burnt reds, golden yellows, full browns, rich tans, dark greens, deep oranges; even silver, bronze and certain blues work great when the air cools, the leaves turn and the sun lowers in the sky.

Check out these 1930s Esquire and Apparel Arts illustrations for more inspiration.
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Horatio said...

What fantastic art! There's so much to enjoy here. The only sour note is in the fourth drawing from the top: the topcoat worn by the saddle-shoe wearing gent is, well, um... the term "horse blanket" comes to mind.

Will said...

Yes, that coat is a bit...different but those are young guys on a college campus. Back then, like today, students are more willing to go out on a limb for good or bad.

Also note that it appears to be reversible, something fairly common back then. Look through a vintage Sears catalog and you'll find similar reversible stuff.

tom said...

I really like the look of the man standing on the right of the horse blanket. That green coat with a purple shirt makes a nice combination. Not sure what it is exactly, but those clothes just work good together. His tie is neat too.

Robert L said...

Love the splash of color with the tie, even the pipe adds an element of pleasure


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