Monday, August 3, 2009


What Sheb Wore.

Yesterday our new kitten Sheb Wooley took my sartorial advice and tried a sporty red theme.

His real straw Panama hat and plaid vest (stylishly left unbuttoned) date from the 1960s and show off his healthy physique. How can the ladies resist such a fine specimen of a cat?

The bright yet modest red of his outfit compliments the color of his fur and the feathers tucked into the pugree of his Panama hat add a dapper new dimension to an already sporty look. Of note is the bow of his purgee which is on the right side of the hat. Normally the bow is worn on the left side for males: this new fad was started primarily by Mr. Wooley and shows his ability to tastefully break from certain rules in pursuit of his own personal style.

Sheb is a model for all manly yet elegant cats and his level of sophistication of dress should be striven for by all on the male side of the feline species.


1 comment:

Anti-Houndstooth said...

That's awesome! We need more Sheb posts. Hilarious!


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