Monday, March 3, 2008

What I Wore Yesterday

Sort of an English-inspired look yesterday. And I didn't have to wear a coat over it!

*Vintage 8-panel
*RL belted-back tweed jacket
*Modern Arrow shirt
*Modern-ish llama tie, made in Peru
*George trousers
*Argyle socks
*Allen Edmond shoes
*Modern suspenders

I love the shape of this jacket, especially from the back. And the trousers have great shape to them.

Don't forget the llama tie!


1 comment:

WDL said...

This really really rocks the vote.

Excellent, and how lucky for you not to have to wear a coat! Its 23 here in Chicago!

And I have a full length winter jacket made of almost the same tweed, bought it in a vintage shop!

Rock on!


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