Friday, June 6, 2014

D-Day: 70th Anniversary

70 years ago today Allied soldiers parachuted into and stormed the wave-swept beaches of Normandy.  It was the greatest invasion in history.  Thousands of American, British, Canadian, Free-French soldiers and French Resistance fighters gave their lives on this day in history.  Remember their sacrifice.

Below are some interesting links to browse as you remember the battle that raged 70 years ago.

Then and Now images

93 year-old paratrooper jumps again

Great color footage from the invasion and beyond

British veteran goes AWOL from nursing home to attend D-Day ceremonies

The myths of D-Day

Video: the C-47s of D-Day

Exercise Tiger: deadly practice for D-Day

Darker side of the invasion: treatment of collaborators

Video: D-Day veteran graduates from high school

Eisenhower's 'soul-racking' D-Day decision

D-Day through the lens of a regular soldier 

Another Then and Now photo set

The other side: few remember the fallen foes of Normandy

Iconic photographs from the "Day of Days"

WW2 veterans are passing away at an ever increasing rate.  Remember and thank these men and women, for, like WW1 veterans, eventually there will be no more of them left.


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