Monday, September 17, 2012

Wedding Part 1: Rehearsal

It's been a month since our wedding so I think it's about time for some pics.  We have over 800 of the rehearsal and the wedding itself so I've picked a few of our favorites to show.

And this will be a multi-post series.

This post shows the rehearsal and what Cassie and I wore.  The day was beautiful though rain was threatening.  It sprinkled lightly but stayed dry enough for us to continue outdoors.  Cassie and I both decided to go all out with our outfits.  She wore a 1950s dress that fit her beautifully and I wore my favorite casual safari kit.  Enjoy.



"What's this devilish little creature kissing on me?"

My best man gave me this neat little (and I mean little!) pipe as a wedding present.  Thanks Andrew!

The rehearsal and following dinner both went flawlessly and was a very enjoyable time spent with family and friends.  We are thankful for them all.

Next post will get us into the wedding.

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