Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Ricky": Quintessential Vintage Sportswear

So-called "Ricky" jackets were a staple throughout the Golden Era, particularly during the late 1940s and throughout the 1950s. Gabardine waist-length jackets in bright and crazy colors and patterns evoke images of cool cars, slicked back hair and youthful hipsters from yesteryear like no other piece of clothing.

Which is why I was excited to score the Ricky pictured below.

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The styling this jacket is really cool and sleek as is the color scheme: pinkish-gray and purple. The gathered sleeveheads and the gathered yoke in back add another level of drape to the already drapey rayon gabardine material.

"Super-Calisheen"- whatever that is, it must be good!

It has seen some use throughout its years and sports a few battle scars, but finding a Ricky of this style in this good condition and decent size nowadays requires a stroke of luck and perhaps a blessing from the vintage gods.

Another intriguing aspect of this particular jacket is the outline of some sort of shield patch on the left shoulder:

It would be interesting to know who put what patch on this classic jacket and why. The imagination wanders...


Alex said...

That's super awesome. I really wish I could grab one of those, but price is usually substantial is it not? Congrats on your purchase!

Will said...

Yes, you can often find these going for hundreds of dollars, sometimes in excellent condition, other times not. It really depends upon condition, size and styling.

Shane said...

Funny thing: I've only seen a few epsiodes of "Happy Days," but this jacket makes me think of that show.


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