Sunday, September 26, 2010

Quality in the Details

Yesterday I wore my plaid "Style Mart" suit to a wedding (photos soon).

While dressing I noticed a neat little detail I hadn't seen before even though I've worn the suit in the past: the belt loops.

click images to enlarge

While it looks like a normal belt loop from the outside, there is actually a smaller loop beneath. This small loop is for narrow belts like the one I'm wearing in the photo.

All of the belt loops on this suit have an extra one underneath. The suit is from the late '40s/early '50s and was off-the-rack.

These belt loops are just a sign of quality that we don't see on too many modern suits, especially off-the-rack.


Cassie Garnet said...

I have admit, you were quite dashing at that wedding. :)

garofit said...

how neat!

Unknown said...

I'm not sure that it's entirely reflective of quality, but more that it's reflective of the fashions of the time. Presently, thicker belts are more common and most suits come with a belt as standard, thereby rendering double-loops obselete.

Will said...

Many men including myself prefer narrow belts but are unable to wear them well because the long belt loops meant for wide belts don't work well with them. The only reason wide belts are 'in vogue' is because that's what the companies dictate, not what men demand.

Women's suits commonly come with a belt but few if any men's suits do.

I'd also consider multiple choices (as these beltloops allow) to show higher quality, for it takes more time and energy to create those extra choices.

daddywarbucks said...

This is a perfect example of the small touches that were available on clothing in the past.

Although I've got enough suits to last me for the next hundred years, I'm filing this away as a detail to specify if I have something made to order.


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