Tuesday, October 13, 2009

WIW: Iconic '50s

It's getting cold out there! Way too early...

I went for the iconic 1950s look Sunday by combining three '50s items that more or less were only popular during the 1950s.

-Early '50s "Bailey of Hollywood" fedora with a pugree and brim stitching (interestingly, Bailey is still around though, like most mainstream hat companies today, their quality has suffered since the 1950s).
-Mid-'50s Pleated tie (pleated ties became popular in the late 1940s and died off before the 1960s as ties became too narrow to hold the pleats).
-1950s 'Ricky' jacket made of long-hair wool.

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This fedora is fairly rare and has that casual Hollywood/western look about it.
It has a 5" crown and a 2 3/4" brim. Pretty large diameters, though common during the early 1950s.
These pleated ties are also fairly rare. This is my only one.

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Horatio said...

My first forays into thrift stores were in the early 80s, and I have been visiting them, on and off, ever since. I have also been into neckties since about the same time. Before today, I never knew of the existence of the pleated necktie. It's a fascinating piece. Thank you for sharing it, and thank you for furthering my clothing education.


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