Tuesday, October 2, 2007

What I Wore Today

Actually, it's more like two days ago.

The hat is a vintage Champ that looks very much like a Whippet.
The tie is vintage that I recently obtained from Ebay.
The jacket is a nearly perfect condition late-1940s/early-1950s double-breasted (orphaned) jacket. It is made of herringbone fabric and is relatively heavy. The sleeves may be a tad short but I'm not too worried about it.
The trousers are modern but have very vintage features like pleats, very little taper in the legs and cuffs. I got them at Goodwill
The saddleshoes are also from Goodwill. They are part suede, part smooth, shiny leather.
I'm standing on the new wrap-around porch we're putting on our Victorian house.
Maybe I'll post some pictures when it's finished...
I'm wearing this same outfit to a swing dance this weekend. Wish me luck.

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