Sunday, January 3, 2010

WIW: Zoot Influence?

Haven't done one of these for a while since I've had the misfortune to work every Sunday for as long as I can remember.

For the last few days it's been below 0 degrees F. Perfect weather for overcoats, scarves and gloves.

*Astrakhan overcoat from the '30s
*Stetson Special from the late '30s
*Flannel suit from the mid-'40s
*Modern cashmere scarf
*Tie is '30s too

**click photos to enlarge**

The gloves are NOS (no longer) deerskin gloves from the '30s, probably.

The suit seems to have some zoot influence though is much more conservative in style. The sleek vertical design as well as the trouser taper below the knee points to that influence. If the jacket was longer in the body it would look very much like this zoot suit:


Horatio said...

That overcoat is really something! I bet it's warm, too.

1. How much did the overcoat cost?

2. Any idea how much one might cost new?

Will said...

Yes, extremely warm. And heavy!

1. It cost me $30 at a little junk shop. It's in perfect condition.

2. I was wondering the same thing.

Today something of this quality made out of Astrahkan would no doubt be priced sky high.
To buy a modern wool overcoat of this quality would cost no less than $1,000. Throw in the fact that it's made entirely of Astrakhan and the price skyrockets. Astrakhan is super expensive no matter what the decade.

I found an article that states in 1923 *imitation* Astrakhan would have cost as much as $15 per yard. That's $190 per yard in today's money just for an imitation! So merely getting the material for an Astrakhan overcoat will cost you $1,000.

So at least $2,000 is a fair guess, most likely more.


Horatio said...

Wow! Don't you just love a great thrift store find like that? Of course, the only way to do it is first, to spend time in thrift stores, junk shops, and the like, and second--but more importantly--to know what you're looking for and to recognize quality when you see it. The second is harder than the first, but it's the only way you're going to get the good stuff at bargain prices.

If you've ever gotten a better deal than paying about 1% of the true value of an item, please tell us about it!


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