Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Classic Tie Storage on the Cheap

Watching the "Jeeves and Wooster" DVD series recently reminded me of a small project I meant to undertake but about which I had forgotten.

As of recently I had hung my 100 or so ties from special vintage tie racks and on hangers in the closet. While the vintgae tie racks (with their nifty 'style chart') are an excellent but sometimes expensive form of storage, hanging ties from hangers in the closet can sometimes get annoying as the ties get twisted up, slide off or become unbalanced, tilting the hanger toward one end.

Perhaps the best way to store ties is to roll them up individally so that they are not only compact and easy to handle but also will not get tangled. Many big-name haberdasheries and men's stores display ties rolled up as it saves space in the sometimes cramped confines of a store as well as can make for an attractive display.

But how to keep these rolled up ties together and out of the way but also easily viewable? How about one or two of those cheap plastic college drawers you find at Wally World? The ones below are the 8.5"x 11" paper storage model and cost a mere $6 each. A drawer will hold 15-18 ties each, depending upon the ties of course. That means each unit of three drawers can store 45-54 ties!

Now, high-end tie drawers are usually made of fine woods with intricate craftsmanship but cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. The average man not only cannot afford such a luxury and probably doesn't have any desire for it either. Though not quite as stylish, the plastic stackable drawers shown above (two shown, three drawers each) are affordable to most everyone and they do the job of the expensive ones just as well. Drop in a piece of cedar or a moth ball to keep the moths at bay and you're set. They can be stacked, unstacked, tucked away in a closet and can be used in ways other than storing ties.

Become creative in the care and storage of your sartorial items and you'd be suprised at the amount of money and space you save.


McKay said...

Brilliant idea. Thanks for sharing.

Will said...

Works great with socks, too. Just get one that has taller drawers.


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