Sunday, January 17, 2010

WIW: Donegal Tweed

Good tweed weather today: not cold enough for an overcoat but cold enough for a heavy tweed suit.

While not a new suit to me, today was the first time I've ever worn this one. It's a nice donegal tweed from the early 1940s. I've owned it nearly 2 years and it was my second vintage suit but I never got around to altering it until recently.

The arms had to be let down (they're still just a tad short)and the trousers needed to be lengthened. Unfortunately I had to sacrifice the trouser cuffs but the trousers are flat front so it's alright.

I wish I hadn't waited so long!

Many positive comments today about this one.

click photos to enlarge

The sweater vest is "American Living" brand from J.C. Penney, on sale.

Check out that material! Heavy, itchy and thick. Thankfully the trousers are lined at the knees, otherwise sitting in them would have been unbearable.

This suit really stands out in the crowd.

I believe this suit to be a drape suit as the above photo illustrates. The trousers drape beatifully as well.


Speedmaster said...

Fantastic! ;-)

Pancho said...

I like how you blend the recent (sweater vest) with the vintage (suit). The suit is great. Even if it stands out in a crowd it also mellows out the yellow of the sweater.

Horatio said...

Wow! What a suit! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Will said...

Thanks guys. The suit/sweater combination turned out better than I had expected.




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