Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Man's World

Van Heusen tie ad, 1951.

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I like his thinking. ;)


Estonehi said...

It is rather outrageous that you would support this "thinking." I will no longer be reading your blog. Thanks for the entertainment.

Will said...

You need to turn on your sarcasm meter.

Horatio said...

What a great ad!

Estonehi, you win the award for the Politically Correct Asinine Comment of the Year--and we aren't even two weeks in to the new year!

Incidentally, I'm highly amused by your opinion that it's "rather outrageous." Not actually outrageous, just rather so.

Now we know why good writers (a group I am not a member of) usually eschew the adverb.

Pancho said...

I'm amused that the man is wearing a shirt and tie in bed. You normally don't think of neckties as sleepwear, do you? :-)
(Great blog, btw)

Will said...

"I like this tie so much I think I'll sleep in it. And watch TV with it. And wear it in the shower..."

Pancho said...

"And wear it in the shower..."

Well, it's a good thing the ad says "the fine fabrics hold their shape"! I actually do like the tie he's wearing, and the others in the ad, so maybe I don't exactly blame him for wearing it to bed...

We joke but seriously, it does seem like back in the day ties were taken for granted as matter-of-fact every-day menswear.

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