Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hiatus Hats

I took a short hiatus and will do so from time to time. Writing, photographing and otherwise researching for a blog takes quite a bit of time and effort so a break is in order every so often.

And while I was away I did some 'vintaging'. Came across the two hats below.

First is this early '40s Imperial Stetson. This is a rare hat. Imperials are hard to find nowadays, especially in this condition. Also, the sweatband is white, something usually only seen in some '20s hats and the liner is an amazing blue; quite a striking combo. Next, the condition and color (blue-ish silver) are fantastic. It glows. Last but not least, as the last photo of this hat shows it was a factory reject. Don't ask me why, I don't see any flaws but it was originally sold at a discounted price.

I paid only $42, a steal.

click photos to enlarge


Factory reject!

And the second hat is this late '30s to early '40s Royal De Luxe Stetson. A fine quality hat but not as nice as the Imperial shown above.

Fantastic shape to it, the 'perfect' vintage fedora like the ones you see in movies: tall angular crown; wide swooping brim, wide brim-edge binding.
This one was $50, another steal of a price. A nice soft gray color with contrasting edge binding.

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Deals are still around and these two fantastic hats are evidence of that. Get out there and get vintaging!


Horatio said...

Wow. Those are a couple of really nice hats.

I would love to find some steals on vintage hats like yours, but here in Mexifornia, there don't seem to be any to be had (at least not around here, and not in the usual places--thrift stores--that I go to).

What kind of a store is more likely to have vintage hats?

Scotticus said...

Alas, the only "vintage" hats to be found in south Mississippi are those of the baseball variety.


Those are some fantastic finds!

Will said...

I've had the most luck with antique shops.

Thrift shops don't have this kind of hat very often and vintage shops usually know what they have so you have to pay more.

Horatio said...

Thanks, Will! I'll give antique shops a try. (I can think of two likely prospects in the area, but there may be more.)

Brian Sheridan said...

If you tell me that those are 7 1/4 size...I will scream!!! Great finds. I never get so lucky!

Will said...

No screaming for you: both are 7 1/8.

The Eccentric Orange Gentleman said...

Damn I'd pay alot for some hats in 7 1/2


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