Monday, February 22, 2010

WIW: the Blues

It was tweedy weather out yesterday so for the first time this winter I donned my blue tweed 3-piece sports suit from Kaufmann's in Pittsburgh. Why is it a sports suit?

It's very heavy tweed for cold country weather and the jacket has two feature unique to vintage sports suits/jackets: a short single vent in the back and two patch pockets on the jacket skirt. You won't see these very often on non-sport and more conservative suits before the 1950s.

Mine is dated September 1940.
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gdworjan said...

Very, very cool. For all the talk for "progress", we certainly have left behind some fashion gems. Well done.

Will said...

Agreed 100%. The 1930s-1950s are called the Golden Era (of style) for a reason, why wander too far away from it?

Jake said...

That is a really beautiful suit. I do think it's a shame people don't dress like that much anymore.


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