Sunday, February 14, 2010

WIW: A Plaid Valentine's

This is a new suit for me. Bought it to sell but the fit turned out to be pretty close and the fabric pattern is great, so it's a keeper.

Early '50s "Style Mart" suit, my first plaid one. The hat is the Imperial Stetson I showed two posts ago.

click photos to enlarge

Check out the plaid with blue windowpaning:

Definitely a keeper.


worldfamousbigb said...

Very nice! Wow, check out the used clothing stores around where I live, but I can never seem to find anything like what you seem to find. Do you have any quick tips?

Horatio said...

Great suit, and a nicely put-together outfit. I particularly like the hat ;-) The pink carnation, though non-traditional, was perfect for the day.

Will: do you get to wear any of your fabulous suits to work, or are they just for church and other personal events?

Will said...

Mostly to church and when I'm in the mood out and around town.


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