Sunday, May 10, 2009

WIW: Happy Mother's Day!

A bit cool but warm enough for a summer look.

A common look is to have a dark sports coat paired with lighter trousers. But switching around the colors so that the sports coat is light and the trousers darker can really get the creative juices going. I recommend you try it sometime and see if you are happy with the results.

*modern Stetson Panama "Open Road"
*modern sports coat
*modern linen George trousers
*modern shirt
*vintage tie
*modern cufflinks
*modern Bostonian specators
*vintage sunglasses
*vintage pocket square, very beautiful pattern to it

click to enlarge

Nylon and acetate tie. A very strange feeling material but ties well.
These "Roman warrior" cufflinks are some of my favorites.


Horatio said...

Very nice outfit!

Stuart said...

I've enjoyed your blog tremendously and note that you have an appreciation for high waisted trousers -- not today, but elsewhere.

I'm trying to achieve the look of Edward Fox in 'Day of the Jackal' with his impossibly high waisted brown trousers.

Any ideas of where to look for these?

Will said...

Your best bet would be custom made. Very few OFR (if any) sell truly high waisted trousers.

In order to be high waisted a pair of trousers need two things: long rise (distance between the crotch and the top of the trousers) and a shape that narrows from the hips to the waist. That helps the trousers stay in place. No OTR company that I've seen has these two things, though some do have the high rise.



tHE jACKEt IS NICE. yOU LOK ABIT LIKE jACK vINCENNES FROM THE la cONFIDENTIAL FILM BUT HIS JACKET WAS ROUGH SILK i THINK,Thats the white jacet. It was also good because it was aone buton jacket.
HEV SHOESAR Nce =how much?

Will said...

Don't know about the shoes since I found them at Goodwill, but I would assume they were at least $150 originally, most likely $200+. I've had some good luck with finding shoes at Goodwill. Once I bought $300 Allen Edmond shoes for $3.



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