Monday, May 18, 2009

WIW Sunday

I was able to pull off another summer look even though it was cool and eventually started to rain.

Brown is a great summer color since it can go with lighter colors pretty easily, depending upon the shade of course. Gray, tan and white can look very nice with brown. Try brown sometime instead of the ubiquitous blue blazer.

Was a little daring by pairing rather casual shoes with a 1940s DB suit. I think it works.

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Love how the tie and chalkstripes play with the carnation.
The shoes are 'Johnston and Murphy' (made in Italy) and were found a Goodwill. Here they are after a good shine. The white sections are suede leather.
Proof that you don't need to spend large sums of money be stylish.

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Horatio said...

Another nice look with this suit! I think that spectators are a great shoe for churchgoing (which is what I assume you were doing in a suit on Sunday). I always wear a jacket & tie to church, but would only wear a suit if either the suit were casual (seersucker, corduroy, etc.) or the suit were dressed down (as you have done so nicely here).

Very nice look with both carnation and pocket square. I believe you made the right decision to go with a plain pocket square with the boutonniere.

Thanks for the inspiration!


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