Sunday, May 24, 2009


Summer is one time of the year you can really experiment with different looks. One overlooked genre is what I call the "adventure look". While it is definitely not for everyone (it helps to be skinny) and in most people's eyes would look like Indiana Jones, the adventure look can be very masculine while being well fitted and elegant.

The adventure look utilizes safari/bush jackets and shirts and combines them with other more common pieces like casual trousers, a wide brimmed Panama hat, white bucks, saddle shoes or spectators and even an ascot for kicks and giggles. It combines the rugged and untamed (safari jacket) with the sophisticated and clean-lined (casual trousers, Panama hat, etc). This look is fine for non-formal parties and and outdoor events where the heat keeps you from breaking out the tie.

Here's a very well made modern Willis & Geiger safari jacket I recently found at Goodwill. This specific jacket is very British in cut and style, similar to British tropical jackets seen in North Africa, Italy and the Pacific during World War Two.

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And the back showing the neat bi-swing pleats above the belt that turn into pleated vents below the belt. Fine quality.
Here's an Esquire illustration demonstrating how to properly wear the adventure look in a somewhat non-adventurous setting.
A great look for Memorial Day weekend if you are brave enough to sport it. You will no doubt get positive comments if you are adventuristic.


Gabriella said...

Smashing! There appears to be an adventurist Zeitgeist on the web. A Suitable Wardrobe has posted a similar jacket as well. I love this look!!

Will said...

Yes, the 'other' Will enjoys it too. A couple months ago he put this look to good use.



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