Monday, November 10, 2008


Yesterday I wore my mid-1940s flannel suit (again). It fits too well not to wear.

I need your opinion. My choice of footwear yesterday was questionable at best. What are your thoughts? Too big? Too loud? Do they go well with this suit?

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Boy, I look creepy in that photo.
All joking aside, this is my favorite suit. It must have been made for me in a former life; it just fits too well. It's scary in a good way. It'll take a masterpiece of vintage tailoring to knock this on off its pedestal.

Here's a look at the tie. It's new to me and wonderfully 1940s.

The hat is new to me as well. It's a 1940s Dobbs fedora with a pleated bow. Wonderful.

Also new to both you and I, here is a late-1930s overcoat. Fits me beautifully, just like the suit.

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If you detected an interesting texture on the overcoat, you have good eyes. Here's a closeup of the curly mystery fabric.
Made in northeastern Iowa, where I obtained it.
The only tag would have you believe the curly mystery fabric is alpaca, but I'm sceptical.
Anyone know what "Chetelham fabric" is exacly (other than a curly mystery fabric)?
I thoroughly enjoy overcoat weather, just as long as I'm not without an overcoat.



butwehavethistreasure said...

Yeah, I think the footwear goes a bit beyond the bounds of the "Bold Look", but oh so comfy looking. And yes, you do look quite creepy in that picture.
It looks like there's a plane propeller on the tie...maybe I'm seeing the tie clip wrong. In any case, it kind of makes the tie look propeller-like, which suits you...just like the suit! :)
The overcoat is nice. Is the mystery fabric itchy or soft?

Will said...

Soft. Oh so soft.

Stephen said...

Nice shoes. Bespoke I assume.

Giuseppe said...

My favorite part of the coat label is "comfort in all weather" Try it the summer and see how it feels.
All joking aside, ny favorite clothes have always been the ones that came from long gone local stores/factories. You just can't kill the stuff.

Meghan Chapman said...

The coat looks like persian lamb.

Will said...

Meghan, I believe you are right, it's Persian lamb wool. Also known as Astrakhan wool.



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