Sunday, October 19, 2008

What I Wore Today

Trying the Bold Look today. Warm but windy.

*1940s Champ
*modern Halston 100% wool suit
*1950s(?) dacron tie
*late-1940s tie bar
*brown AE shoes

click to enlarge

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What makes this look, in my opinion, is the tie. The wide stripes and funky colors speak of the Bold Look. It's an oddity, being 100% dacron polyester and while that might turn some people off let me assure you, dacron is not your father's polyester from the 1970s. That topic is for another post.
This tie is very soft and pliable; feels like a modern silk tie and not at all like those awful ties from the disco days. The large ribbing, like the rest of the tie, is a little unusual but it's growing on me. I'm developing a fondness for this tie.


Jonas Fred said...

Fantastic looking tie. Great look. I really want to see more what I wore todays.

Jonas Fred

Principe angelino said...

Not everyone gifted for a dandy style.
But, you must be that few person who can fully bring out the touch of classic.

But, the hat completely damage the peace of whole layout, maybe its colour or shape.try a azure blu, or light blu, may be will better marched with the suite?

just some of my point of view.
I like your style ,will.



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