Monday, October 27, 2008


Sunday I wore a September 1940-dated 3-piece tweed suit. It was cold and windy, so it was well-suited for the weather.

Along with this suit I wore the following:
*1930s Mallory fedora
*1930s wool tie
*modern Van Heusen "fitted" shirt
*vintage watch chain with modern Union Pacific watch
*Allen Edmond shoes

The jacket sleeves are a tad short for my
liking but I'm not too worried about them.
The nice short vest with high-waisted trousers.

Interestingly, this suit came from that famous department store in Pittsburgh: Kaufmann's.
No longer in business, Kaufmann's was well known during the
Golden Era and one of it's founders, Edgar J. Kaufmann, famously had
architect Frank Lloyd Wright design his weekend home Fallingwater, seen below.
E. J. Kaufmann also had Richard Neutra design his Desert House in 1946.
Kaufmann's department store closed in the 1990s.
This suit is an interesting and unusual piece of history that will stay in my collection and I will enjoy for many years to come, not only because of that history but also because of wonderul piece of clothing that it is.


butwehavethistreasure said...

I like the little detail of the key on the pocket watch chain. What does it open? Your gun cabinet? Your museum? Your wardrobe? Or awwww, your heart?

butwehavethistreasure said...

Also, the info about the owner of Kaufman's and Falling Water is interesting. I knew that was Frank Lloyd Wright, but didn't know for whom it was built.

Will said...

My little cabinet of gin. :p


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