Monday, May 12, 2008

Graduation Weekend

Although I finished with college in December of last year I finally walked last weekend. Saturday I wore this classy look:
Friday and Sunday I wore the outfit below (a variation of it on Saturday under the drapes).

This shirt has yellow stripes in with the white stripes. The yellow doesn't show up well in pics.

You're probably wondering about the jacket. I bought this travel-style jacket last week at Younkers. It's a Clairborne.

It has two large patch pockets, no breast pocket. The 'pleats' in the pockets are just for show and don't function. There is a belted back but no action to it. The belt seems a tad lower than it should be but it's no big problem, I was just happy to see a belted back! No vents. 100% cotton and fully lined. It's a bit heavy and hot for summer wear, would work better in the spring.

I settled for a 40R. The 38R fit me perfectly except the body was just too short. The sleeves for both sizes were long enough. It was on sale (originally $125) and while it was still a bit much, I liked it too well to pass by.

It has a very nice vintage feel to it. I really like belted backs and was quite pleased to see a modern summer jacket with one even if there was not bi-swing back or pleats with it. The high button stance is quite high and adds to the vintage look. This is my first white jacket (off white to be exact) and am quite pleased with it.


WDL said...

mazeltov! congrats! on walking.

Xavier said...


Light jackets are the cat's meow. I just found a khaki silk sportscoat by Nautica at the Burlington Coat Factory, priced way way down. Great fit, and light as a whisper.


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