Thursday, January 31, 2008

Suit Project

I am currently working on a vintage-style 3-piece suit. This is a big project and any helpful comments and concerns are much appreciated.

I bought this 1952 dated suit jacket and vest pattern off the Bay. While the jacket pattern is complete and uncut the vest pattern was missing. This vintage pattern will insure higher armholes than a modern jacket pattern.

As a result of the missing vest, I bought a modern pattern not only for the vest but also for the trousers.
Since the vest is not of vintage style (too long and only has two pockets) I used a vintage vest as a guide and altered the pattern a bit. I shortened it about an inch and altered the points at the front, making them a bit longer and more pointed. Here's what it looks like on a torso.

Note that the bottom 1 1/2" of the pattern is to be hemmed so the vest will be shorter than it appears in these photos.

The trousers look good and are relatively straight legged with cuffs and some pleats so no alteration will be needed there. However, they are somewhat low waisted so I will be adding about 3-4 inches to the rise. This will allow the trousers to be worn with the short vintage-style vest.

I have cut most of the fabric for the vest and the pieces are in good order. Speaking of fabric, here is what I am using:
As you can see it is an attractive brownish gray medium weight twill with some nice pin/chalkstripes. It was on clearance at a local fabric shop and I bought all 5 1/2 yards of it. Hopefully it will be enough for the project. I washed and dried it in order to make it shrink before starting work.

More updates to come.


Steven Dodd said...

This sounds really cool. Let me know how it turns out and any difficulties you have in the progress. If it's not too bad, I may have to consider learning how to cut and sew.

michael lewis said...

I dub thee:

Sartorial Inspiration!

This is a project I have often considered...though never enacted upon. I even bought a sewing machine, which has seen little use other than some hemming. It now sits on the girlfriend's sewing table (which she doesn't use, insisting there is better light in the kitchen).

Great blog too. Keep it up!

WDL said...

yet again, awesome. I've been brave enough to make a vest before, as well as bowties, but never have I tried to do an entire suit.

I'm impressed, and rather inspired.



I recently found your blog and have been leisurely making my way through your posts. Good stuff. I'm wondering how this "Suit Project" turned out. Maybe I haven't come to the progress reports yet. Anyway, I often customize my own clothes (new buttons, minor tailoring, etc.) and wanted to know how this project was going. All the best.


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