Thursday, January 24, 2008

NOS socks

Some reminiscent shots of NOS (new old stock) socks.


Detailed view:


Jovan said...

Although I may disagree with you on personal politics, I think those would make some fine displays. You should indeed be a haberdasher. I'd certainly love to be one!

Richard said...

I enjoyed the socks and vintage luggage. You have great blog! I also appreciate 1930's fashion.

Stephen said...

Who is the maker of the sock? I'm dying to get my hands on the yellow pair.

WDL said...

i'll fight you for them stephen! and the suitcases are great too! nice work!

Will said...

The red rayon socks say "Travelers Hose" on the tag. The yellow rayon pair say "Mendproof Hosiery Comp." on the tag. The multi-color cotton pair say "Lord Reading" on the tag.

Thank you gentlemen.

Stephen said...

Thank you, Will. Now all I need is a few pair of Allen Edmonds and I'm good


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