Monday, June 4, 2012

A Bold Look for the Summer

It's that time again: Summer.  Warm weather, outdoor activities, BBQing with friends and family, cruisin' around in cars with the windows rolled down.  It's a great time of the year.  But it can get really hot.

How did guys stay cool and stylish back in the 1940s?  The following images from a 1948 "Look" magazine (64 years ago, when the "Bold Look" officially began) answers that question.  And interestingly enough there was a bit of a debate about it.

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Article Page 1:

Article Page 2:

Article Page 3:

Article Page 4:

Article Page 5, the "Aztec" inspired clothing is rather wild:

Article Page 6, I'll take one of everything, please:

Where do I stand in the debate about summer material?  Do I prefer loosely woven fabrics or light-weight tightly woven fabrics for warm weather? 

I like loosely woven materials, like linen.  I find that allowing air to flow through a garment makes it much cooler than a light-weight tightly woven material.  For example, I have a heavy-weight three-piece tweed suit that is super warm in the winter.  Even so, its tweed material is surprisingly loosely woven and at times will allow a gust of wind to cut through.

Your experience may differ along with your preference, but that has been my observation.


vintagevisions27 said...

I just discovered your blog. It's great to see mens clothing getting some attention!
My boyfriend is slowing catching the "vintage bug". We've been working to put together some nice 1930s and 40s outfits for him. I think he feels a bit left out when I get dressed up and he has nothing to wear!

Will said...

Excellent work, keep it up.


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