Saturday, April 30, 2011

Photo Shoots, Part 2

The next installment. Again, photos taken by professional photographer Cassie.

In this series of photos I'm wearing my 1941-dated heavy weight tweed 3-piece. Thankfully this day was rather cool and windy, otherwise the heavy tweed would have been unbearably hot.

Note in these photos how well the heavy material drapes, especially in the trousers.

click images to enlarge

The hat is a 1930s fuzzy Borsalino. Great color, a light pinkish-gray. The tie is a 1950s nubby and was made for this suit.



usoniaboy said...

mmmm, suspenders...

DAY said...

Great suit and excellent pictures today, Will--the best of both I've ever seen on your blog!

Kingpin said...

I am so jealous that you have a Borsalino that fits you! I found a fantastic one in a dark green, alas one size too small!

Roger said...

@ Kingpin.
My bowler was a size too small but the hatshop managed to steam it enough to make it fit by adjusting the inner hat band a little.

Kingpin said...

I shall take my hat in directly and see what magic my hatshop can work!

Shane said...

Dang, that is one good-looking suit. Makes me wish I was thinner--I'm barrel chested and it's hard to find jackets that fit me well. (Frustrating, because I often find nice old suits/blazers at local thrift shops but they usually don't quite fit). I really need to find myself a good tailor.

Shane said...

I looked at Cassie's website and I have to say that she has some really lovely images posted there--she is definitely a talented photographer.

Thanks for the link; your readers might like the high-resolution pics of some of your outfits. I think I saw at least one or two photographs that you didn't post on this blog.


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