Sunday, January 23, 2011

WIW: Best Fitting

The temperature this morning was -7 degrees Fahrenheit. I didn't want to leave the house...

So I threw on my modern Duffle Coat (more about it in a future post) and trudged out the door.

click images to enlarge

Beneath the Duffle I wore a mid-1930s 'English drape' cut (more on this in a future post) sport coat and a late 1930s wool tie. Needless to say, the sport coat fits like a glove and I love how the English drape cut looks on me. It is one of my best fitting jackets. The lapels have great shape to them and the caramel buttons are easy to look at.

The jacket is made of fairly heavy weight wool that has a pretty unique pattern to it. Nothing like playing with three patterns in one outfit.


angyl_roper said...

That jacket has a stunning cut and has to be one of my favourite items you've posted here.

DAY said...

Love that sportcoat!

Will said...

Thanks guys.

One of my favorites too.

luckytop said...

Hi Will, I just discovered your blog and have enjoyed it. I am in to all things retro, old, collectible, etc. Many collections of varied things have come and gone over the years, and now vintage hats and clothes are my new passion.

legas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Horatio said...

Wow! Fabulous jacket. Is it a little short for you, or is that just the camera angle?

Love the tie, too. Sometimes, a wool tie is just what the doctor ordered (I'll be wearing one tomorrow, as it so happens....)

Will said...

The jacket covers my rear so it's good to go, must be the camera angle.

Tim said...

Hi Will,
Just found your site! I'm a newcomer when it comes to locating vintage clothing. Have you posted "rookies" guide to spotting vintage suits and such? If not I'd love some tips.

Also i collect and restore antique firearms. Glad you post about some of those as well.
I have a blog at that might interest you.

Keep up the great work!

Will said...

I'll have to put together some kind of beginner's guide to vintage suits.


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