Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fashion Park

The following advertisements are from my personal collection. All are from a custom tailoring company called "Fashion Park" that was based out of Rochester, New York.

I don't have much information on Fashion Park other than it was in existance from the 1910s into the 1960s. Here's a 1929 financial article about Fashion Park and related brands.

I've seen only three Fasion Park suits (one from the late 1930s, one dated 1941 and the other from the 1950s) and I own two of them, shown below. All three of the suits I've seen from Fashion Park were of superior quality and styling compared to most others from the period. Which is saying a lot.

My Fashion Park suits (click images to enlarge):

Late 1930s


Great suits with awesome silhouettes.

Onto the ads. These are posted in chronological order going down the page. Notice the changing styles (lapels, button stance, jacket lengths, etc.). Also note how the suits and overcoats of the late 1920s began to show the classic styling of the Golden Era.

All of these ads were illustrated by Ray Wilcox. I've been unable to find any real information about Wilcox so if you have any please let us know.


click images to enlarge

October 1, 1921

December 24, 1921

October 14, 1922

March 31, 1923

July 21, 1923

February 2, 1924

September 13, 1924

September 12, 1925

March 27, 1926

March 24, 1928

September 15, 1928

October 13, 1928

March 23, 1929


Marilyn said...

I'm sending you some information on Raymond M Wilcox to your email address.

Denise Marvin said...

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