Saturday, July 10, 2010

'Vintage' WIW

I wore the following several weeks ago while on vacation and never got around to posting it.

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It's an early 1950s "Style Mart" suit. The tie is early '50s as well.
Hard to see in this photo, the suit fabric pattern is an astounding red and blue plaid. The hat is a 1930s Dobbs "Cross Country", a lightweight summer hat that lacks a liner.

Here's an image from earlier this year showing the plaid to full effect.

The material is worsted wool, a good fabric for a warm day like that one several weeks ago...

1 comment:

Brian said...

Where in the world did you find that hat?!

I've tried finding fedoras at the goodwill, unfortunately most times they are either dirty or crumpled beyond repair. I need more sources I think!


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