Monday, March 8, 2010

WIW: Blue and Gray

It may seem like this blog is turning into a 'What I Wore' site, but it's not. I've been busy with work, hobbies, guns and more work. I've more up my sleeve...

Sunday I wore this 1941-dated 'Fashion Park' suit. It's a great fit with a nice silhouette.

Strangely enough, all of the buttons are cream on the front and purple on the back. Question is, were they made like that or did they all fade? I'm thinking the former.

click photos to enlarge

The trousers are flat front, which was fairly common in the early to mid-'40s though pleats still ruled the day. While I'm not usually a fan of flat front trousers these are wonderful. They drape beautifully and the front crease is so strong, makes for a very angular appearance.

The rest of the suit is just as fine, too. The lapels nicely roll to the center button, as they should.
The tie is a late '20s/early '30s specimen with a great Art Deco pattern to it. It along with the pocket square (especially the pocket square) help bring out the very subtle plaid pattern with light blue windowpaning that pretty much can only be seen in sunlight:

It's that subtle deepness of vintage colors that I love so much. Respectful yet playful and usually won't make your eyes bleed.



imp said...

You look excellent! Very dapper.

eyelook said...

Fashion Park was a tailor factory in Rochester, NY.
I'm enjoying your site.

Claudia Rose said...

I am a fashion design student for menswear and your blog has been incredibly useful for research into the 1940s. Thanks so much!


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