Friday, March 19, 2010

Time to be Best Dressed

Yup, Esquire is having its "best dressed real man" contest again and I've entered it (as of this writing you have 38 days to enter as well).

Anytime is a good time to dress well, especially for this contest put on by what many consider to the be foremost men's magazine.

In last year's contest I got as far as the semi-finals, being one of 25 that made it that far out of over 400 entries. Hopefully this year will prove to be just as successful if not more.

You can view my profile by clicking here. Also check out the other profiles, you may or may not like what you see.

The top 25 are chosen on May 1st along with the begining of voting for your favorite. The 5 finalists will be revealed on August 17th and the winner will be announced sometime in September.

May the truly best dressed man win!

1 comment:

dandiacal said...

I am hoping that you are one of the winners on this because we need someone to REPRESENT the golden age, so to speak, especially in today's era of hip huggers, drab black suits, and oversized jeans (not to mention hatless except for a not so great baseball cap)

M Hampton


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