Sunday, July 26, 2009

WIW: '30s or '50s?

The look I went for today could be from anytime between the 1930s to the mid-1950s. It's a pretty timeless look, pairing a double breasted jacket with an open collar shirt.

It was also rather cool to wear on a hot day. The trousers are a linen/rayon blend and helped me stay cool.

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Hanging with my buddy Sheb Wooley, our new two month old kitten. To say he's a bit of a runt would be an understatement.
WIW today was inspired by the look on the left in this illustration, which is from a 1930s Esquire:

It's a bit daring to go tieless with a more formal double breasted jacket as opposed to single breasted but it can work if done well.


The Preppy Pauper said...

Amazing! Boy, the term casual has devolved dramatically in the last half century hasn't it? What would the flip-flop nation make of your stylin' casual ensemble today?

hipsterhater said...

Dude- where do you buy your socks? I'm having a terrible time finding men's socks that are at all interesting or colorful. Just black, grey with the occasional argyle thrown in seems to be the greatest extent to which we men can express ourselves these days...

Will said...

Those socks are from an Old Navy outlet store. I get most of my socks from Gap.


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