Monday, June 8, 2009

WIW- the '50s

An early '50s suit I've never worn before. I picked it up at a junk shop for $3. The jacket fit fine but the trousers needed some altering, specifically the waist taken in an inch and the cuffs sacrificed for length plus the addition of faux cuffs.

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This is what I would consider the stereotypical and my 'perfect' early '50s suit: single breasted, iridescent medium blue gabardine fabric, patch pockets and very high waisted trousers with a Hollywood waist (no waistband).

I'm not a huge fan of the "Bold Look", especially in double breasted (something about the low button stance and boxy look of the Bold Look double breasted turns me off), but a single breasted Bold Look suit like this tickles my fancy.

The photo below shows the true color.
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The hat is an early '50s Royal Stetson and the tie is Bold Look era as well.


Anonymous said...

Is the belt buckle off to one side also part of the Bold Look, or was that just a common way to wear a belt in the 50's?

Will said...

It was a common way to wear belts during the '30s-50s but especially during the '50s.

Horatio said...

Great suit--what a color! Love the shoes. Are they modern or vintage?

Will said...

The shoes are modern Florsheim. They are corrected grain and looked a bit plastic-y but after some wear and polish they look better.


Anonymous said...

Rockin' the look Will! You could walk right into a scene from a 1950s film noir classic like The Big Heat. You need a detective's badge!


I like it. You look like A G.Man

Gracewanderer said...

Is the hat a Stetson? I have one that's almost identical.


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