Sunday, June 28, 2009


I found quite a bit of stuff during my recent travels, which I'll show in upcoming posts.

How about 34 ties?

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Most are from the 1930s or before in varying condition. There are some very neat ones in there.

Here are some of the more interesting ones.

Two things about this tie: (1.)Fruit of the Loom didn't just make underoos and (2.) it's pink!

Bovis was a high quality tie manufacturer. Love the colors of this one.

A National Recovery Administration (NRA) tie from 1933-1935. It's lined, which is a bit strange for a '30s tie.

This tie is made of somewhat rare "sandpaper" fabric. Needs a good wash.
Who said the 1930s weren't colorful?

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Horatio said...

I have two Lands End ties (one in blue/green/white and the other in red/blue) whose patterns are similar to that wonderful pink one (on sale, $4.99 each).

I also found a 50/50 wool/Dacron tie ($3) very much like your sandpaper beauty, though without the same texture.

But the pièce de résistance of my recent forays into thrift shops is something that probably won't interest you but is a great find anyway: a pair of brand-new (as in unworn) Italian loafers for $16! OK, I got them at a half-off sale, but even had they been full price (as it were) they would have been a fantastic bargain.

Thanks for inspiring me to go thrift shopping! We may be interested in different eras, but I might never have found some of the great items now in my wardrobe had you not blogged about your adventures.


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