Monday, June 16, 2008

What I Wore Yesterday

It was a nice, sunny day except for an hour in the morning when these pictures were taken when an isolated thunderstorm rolled in, so they're a little dark.

*1950s Champ boater
*Vintage clip-on bowtie
*1970s linen "seersucker" 3-piece suit. It's not a true seersucker but it fits the bill.
*Allen Edmond shoes



Stephen said...

Really nice 3piece "almost" seersucker suit. Overall nice outfit. With such a classic look I was expecting white bucks; I was pleasantly surprised you chose brown shoes instead.

Can't wait for the hat post.

Take care,


Will said...

I would have worn white bucks but I don't have any. I also thought about my spectators but I've been wearing them quite a bit lately. So it fell to the brown Edmonds and, as you said, they were quite pleasing.
They allowed everything else to steal the show.

Stephen said...

"They allowed everything else to steal the show." - Will

My thoughts exactly.

Mrs Pouncer said...

Quite perfect. I congratulate you on your impeccable taste.

Beau said...

I really like the look. I'm looking to buy a seersucker suit at the moment. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also I was wondering about the hat. Where did you get it?

Thank you,


E. Clayton Ringman said...

Grand photo set - your house and that brilliant suit sure do go together swimmingly.


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