Sunday, June 29, 2008

What I Wore Today

Rather cool and windy today but warmed up eventually.

-1940s Champ
-1940s tie
-late 1940s sword tie clasp
-1940s sunglasses
-1970s poly/cotton jacket with Talon zipper
-George poly/linen/rayon trousers
-Allen Edmond shoes

Click to enlarge.



Stephen said...

Overall a very nice look. I particularly like the tie. I usually prefer geometrics and woven ties but the earth tone colored prints look great. Especially brown prints. For some reason brown always turns out too dark or orangey when woven.

Will said...

Thank you Stephen. The tie is one of my favorites. A Goodwill find, nonetheless!
I find myself wearing blue all too often. This time I decided to try brown (it also helped that my new George trousers are brown). I was quite pleased with the results. The jacket added the finishing touch.
Funny thing is this outfit was not planned ahead of time. Every piece was chosen and thrown on within 20 minutes. Sometimes the best looks are not the ones that are planned days in advanced but rather thrown together. A good eye helps too, I suppose.



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