Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Target Suit

Target is selling suits for under $100. I bought one today. They are nice for the price. Not perfect, but still nice.

They also have some classic-pattern ties and decent shirts as well as a pretty cool vest in different fabric patterns and colors. Most of their ties are $20, a bit high but they are 100% silk. I bought one tie with a blue and white regimental pattern, very classy.

I bought a dark gray 3-button suit with pinstripes. Size 38R jacket, 32x32 flat-front trousers and no cuff. Surprisingly, the jacket sleeves are long enough for my monkey arms (usually I have to let jacket sleeves out a bit). Like most off-the-rack suits, it has low armholes and fails the armhole test so it will rise up whenever you raise your arms (see pics below). The jacket fits well around the torso and has some shape around the waist, not your usual "sack suit".

The trousers have medium rise and sit around the hips. They have a bit of taper but nothing extreme.

So, all in all a modern cut.

The fabric is light-weight but drapes well. It's a polyester/rayon blend but is not hot to wear.

The tie is 100% silk and is long, like most modern ties. Width is similar to 1930s ties. The material is thick but can be tied in skinnier knots, as the photos show. The length shown is as short as I can get it without tying a Windsor knot. I do like the color scheme, though, and it will make a nice spring/summer tie.

Total cost of the suit and tie was $112, not expensive by any means. Overall I'd say it's a good buy on a budget, though if you can afford more definitely look elsewhere before buying a Target suit.

Yep, low armholes. FAIL!

Looks better than some businessmen with higher end suits!


WDL said...

sweet! i've been eyeing them for a few weeks now.

the good thing is, you have an established wardrobe, so you can now introduce modern pieces in, and no one can tell!

that is a sign of a good wardrobe, btw.

chanel used to insist that women mix real jewelry with costume jewelry..why? Because no one can tell.

Thats what I'm saying! rock on.


Horatio said...

It is an excellent tie for spring and summer, but I don't think it's a regimental stripe. Two-color ties with broad stripes like that are often called university stripe ties; yours might be U Conn or Columbia colors, or perhaps those of another institution. Regardless, it looks like a nice tie.


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