Saturday, December 15, 2012

Thrift Store Runway: Winner

The website Thrift Store Runway holds a monthly contest where contestants submit thrifted outfits in an attempt to win one of the prizes.   Entries must be made of thrifted items and cost less than $50.  Last month I entered several kits and one of them won!

TSR gives five prizes each month.  If they receive less than 50 submissions each prize will be $100; if more than 50 submissions each prize will be $500.

In the month of November they received over 150 submissions so each of the five prizes were $500.  So, I got $500 as well as a donation from TSR to the thrift-based charity of my choice.  Very cool.

I encourage you to enter the December contest with your best thrifted outfits and see if you don't win!

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