Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wedding Part 4: Reception

The last of the wedding posts, this one will cover the fun and very enjoyable end of the day.  The catering was wonderful as were the wedding cupcakes.  The first dance, father/daughter dance, dollar dance, and general dancing followed.  My groomsmen and I also had a 'guy time' outside.

It was a great time with friends and family and we'd like to thank them for being so supportive, helpful, and for going out of their way for everything we needed.

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Entering the reception hall to the "Indiana Jones" theme song.

Dollar dance.    :)

 Stylish guy time.

Back for more dancing.


Cheers from the happy couple.


Horatio said...

Congratulations again, Will! May you and Cassie enjoy many, many happy years together.

Will said...

Thank you, we appreciate it.


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