Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sale at the Houndstooth Haberdashery and Other News

The Houndstooth Kid blog has hit the 500,000 visitors mark!

As a "thank you" for helping us reach 500,000 visits, select items found at the Houndstooth Kid Haberdashery are on sale for a limited time.  This sale will end June 14th.  Don't miss out on some great deals.

Also, you may have noticed a recent slow-down in posting here on the Houndstooth Kid blog.  Not to worry, it is merely temporary.  I am currently getting ready to move within a month and preparing for my wedding in August.  Posting is unlikely to pick-up again until at least September.  So hang in there and keep your eyes trained upon this space.

And don't miss out those deals over in the Haberdashery.  We couldn't have done it without our faithful readers.

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