Saturday, April 7, 2012

...Or Maybe This is the Best Tie...

I love the old western ties. Can't really put my finger on it, but I just like them.

Maybe it's the oddness of the thing: who in their right mind would wear a tie with a bucking bronco on it, or a steer's head, or leather stitching along the edges?

click image to enlarge

I guess it's the character of the tie, character that few others have. Few ties today have character like the mid-1950s tie shown above. It's tastefully artful and fun without being grotesque, absurd, or childish like so many modern novelty ties.

Not to mention it grabs the eye like none other.


Brooksie said...

I love that tie, I actually have a vintage scarf that has that exact cowboy on it plus a few other cowboys. The colors are the same too, my scarf looks like it has a little rodeo going on.

Horatio said...

I think part of how men got away with wearing such flamboyant ties is that they wore them under a vest; at the very least, they didn't unbutton their jackets.

My other theory is that they wore them at home, or perhaps to someone else's home party in the rumpus room, where decorum was at a lower level than at the workplace.

Will said...

Brooksie: sounds like a very cool scarf.

Horatio: definitely a more casual tie. I wouldn't be caught dead wearing it in a business context, even back then! Ah, the days when men wore ties at home and at parties.


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